How to log into Canvas (LMS)

Canvas is MEWA's Learning Management System or LMS.  It is where your coursework will be located for some of the Dual Credit courses.  

Here is a brief overview.

1. You need to log into your MEWA email.
    • Your MEWA email is a gmail account so you have access to everything google ( docs, forms, spreadsheets, etc).
    • Navigate to
    • Upper right had corner is a "sign in button"
    • Sign in with your email -
    • The front desk can help you with your Lastname#.
    • Temporary password is - mewa12345
2. Once you are in your you can access Canvas which is where our LMS islocated with your classes. 
    • Click on the apps button
    • Click on the more button
    • Click on Canvas

More help?