The Metro East Early College Academy provides eligible 10th, 11th, and 12th grade high school students an opportunity to earn community college credits that also apply toward their high school diploma.

Eligibility - Students must be on track to graduate with the following minimum high school credits: (credits will be verified by official transcript) and must have met college proficiency levels as determined by college placement tests. Students will be admitted during the Fall and Winter terms.

Beginning 10th grade = 6.0 credits
Beginning 11th grade = 12.0 credits
Beginning 12th grade = 18.0 credits

Cost - MEECA pays college tuition and fees (not including books) up to $1,400.00 for each term: Fall, Winter and Spring (not to exceed nine terms). The student/family is responsible for any tuition and fees in excess of the $1,400.00 that is paid by MEECA. College courses must align with the required Oregon State diploma requirements.