MEECA  - Steps to Getting Started

Becoming a MEECA student is easy!

Step 1 - 
Complete the Personal Profile.  This lets us know who is interested in our program.

Step 2 - 
Attend a MEECA information session.

Step 3 - 
Apply to the community college of 
your choice. 

Step 4 - 
Complete the 
College Placement Test.

In this step, applicants fill out HS GPA information and College Placement Test scores.  The results of their scores will be entered into this section.
ou'll need to have your CPT scores and high school GPA information handy in order to complete this step.  
  • Once you complete this step you will receive an email inviting you and a parent to set up an appointment with the Early College (MEECA) counselor.
  • Students who are under 16, below a 2.75 GPA, behind in HS credits, or did not test into college level classes (MTH60,WR115, RD115), then you will be asked to complete additional information that will need to be reviewed and approved by administration.  This information will be emailed to you by the Enrollment Coordinator after completing Step 5.  

Step 6 - 
Schedule a time to meet with the Early College counselor.
  • During your meeting with the Early College counselor, you will have the opportunity to ask a number of questions and make sure this is a good fit for you.  You'll also have a much clearer understanding of what courses are remaining for high school and which college classes will apply towards your college goals.

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We act on our mission through three core principles:

Inspire and prepare high school-age students to become leaders across fields through a rigorous course of study that emphasizes critical thinking, writing, inquiry, and discourse.
 Increase college access, affordability, and completion for adolescents by allowing them to earn up to two years of tuition-free, transferable college credits and an Associate’s degree.
 Bridge the gap between high school and college by bringing the key characteristics of liberal arts college classrooms to public school settings.