Early College Students are expected to:
  1. Attend all class sessions!! 
  2. Provide or arrange transportation to and from your community college campus, if applicable. 
  3. Provide textbook(s) and all other relevant class materials for each class. 
  4. Communicate their needs and let your counselor know the perceived barriers to meeting their requests. 
  5. Read and review printed materials and ask questions regarding access and services in a timely manner. 
  6. Follow through on all class requirements and complete them in a timely manner, including but not limited to projects, homework, research papers, etc. 
  7. Make use of student services and evaluate in order to provide meaningful feedback. 
  8. Treat employees, faculty, and other students with respect, courtesy and dignity. 
  9. Make a commitment to their own academic and intellectual growth and to use those services that will help them achieve their goals. 
  10. Be aware of and select those personal growth opportunities that will help them develop life and social skills. page11image35056