College Now Courses

Once accepted, students are divided into “cohorts” (or groups), where they are assigned a coach who serves as their guide through high school and college. MEECA participants start their first terms at community colleges with a “college survival” course taught by their coach that covers the how-to of signing up for classes and finding various on-campus resources. After that, students in a cohort enroll in the courses that meet their individual needs, though the goal is to try to keep them together with other MEECA participants as much as possible. The more they get to know each other, the more they’ll help each other out — which increases the likelihood of success for all.

MEECA students will be apart of a cohort with other MEECA high school students by taking the following College Now courses for dual credit.

MEECA students will complete the remaining requirements towards high school graduation (and accumulating credits towards an Associates Degree) at their local community college.

Other MEWA College Now courses that offer dual Credit.

  • WR 121 - English Composition
  • WR 122 - English Composition: Critical Thinking
  • ENG 104 - Introduction to Literature: Fiction
  • BA 218 - Personal Finance
  • ART 117 - 3D Design
  • ART 231 - Drawing