When registering, MEECA students are required to take credit classes by receiving traditional letter grades (A-F). If you do not select a grading option, you will automatically have the default grading option for that course. The default option is generally a letter grade, but could be pass/no pass.

How to choose your grading option: 

  • Choose when you register for classes.
  • You can change your grading option in MyPCC and MHCC through the end of the eighth week of the term.
  • Once an instructor has posted a grade, changing the grading option is no longer available to the student. 

Issues to consider when choosing your grading option:

  1. Talk with your instructor about your progress in class and grades you've earned for previous assignments.
  2. Keep hard copies and a log of all your graded assignments, so you can assess your progress throughout the term.
  3. Before you start next term, make sure to check your grades from this term. Grades are posted one week after finals.  If you have a grade discrepancy, be sure to talk with your instructor, an Academic Advisor or Counselor immediately.