How to use tutoring services

Tutoring services are available for MHCC students registered for credit-bearing classes. Students are eligible to receive tutoring only for the courses in which they are enrolled.

  1. Log in using the computer at front counter with your MHCC student ID number, or complete the sign-in paper that your tutor provides you. 
  2. Sit at a table marked with your subject name and level. 
  3. Raise the red flag attached to the sign on the table when you are ready for tutoring (for AC 3300 drop-in tutoring) or just raise your hand (at most other locations). For drop-in computer lab tutoring (AC 3333), please see the lab monitor for assistance. 
  4. Log out on the computer when you leave the center, or sign out on the slip of paper that the tutor provides you. 
  5. Need more assistance or information? Ask the monitor on duty, the program assistant, or consult the individual subject schedules available in both printed and electronic forms. 

  1. Make an appointment in person at our front desk in AC 3300, above the Library, or by calling (503) 491- 7108. 
  2. Try to schedule an appointment at least 3 days beforehand. If appointments are not available, please use the drop-in tutoring in the lab. 
  3. Come with specific questions for the tutor. For example: “Is my thesis statement clear?” “I need help brainstorming on this topic.” “Does my conclusion fit my body paragraphs?” “Please help me find my fragment sentences.” 
  4. Please note that we do not edit or proofread papers for students. 
  5. If you must cancel or re-schedule an appointment, please call at least 2 hours in advance. Later cancellation will be counted as a “no show.” Two “no shows” will result in a loss of writing tutoring privileges. 

  • Be prepared. Bring texts, assignment sheets and other class materials. 
  • Allow enough time for tutoring; you will have to wait during busy hours. 
  • Don’t expect answers! Tutors will ask questions and refer you to primary sources such as your textbook, class notes, and instructor office hours, with the intent to help you answer your own questions. 
  • Be patient with the tutor and yourself. Some questions are not quickly or easily answered. 
  • Don’t wait until the last minute – come as soon as you experience difficulty. 
  • Assistance with take-home exams and most graded problems will not be given, unless your instructor has contacted us and specified that we may provide help. 
  • We try to maintain a first-come, first-served service. Please advise our support staff and/or tutors if you feel you are being overlooked. 
  • Don’t expect your tutor to know everything. Tutors may need to seek help from other staff or resources.