2. The Scholarship Cycle

The timing is the hardest part of applying for scholarships. I never know when to apply. - Scholarship Winner 

Most scholarships follow a similar timeline, where applications are due around February, and you receive the funds the following September. To be ready to submit your applications in February, you must start preparing in advance. From the start of your research to receiving your money, the scholarship process takes almost a year.

The scholarship cycle: explore in summer, find in fall, apply in winter, win in spring

1. Summer June, July, August, September

Explore your strengths. You'll figure out what to highlight about yourself in order to be a competitive scholarship applicant.

2. Fall October, November, December

Find scholarships. This is when you will research available scholarships and determine which ones are right for you. 

3. Winter January, February

Create your application. You'll write your essays, put together the pieces of your application, and submit them on time. 

4. Spring March, April, May

Wait and win. You'll hear back from scholarship agencies, write thank you letters and apply your scholarship to your educational costs. 

So what should I be doing now?

If you break down the process, you can work on your application a little at a time, so that you're not cramming to get it done at the deadline. 

Okay, so how do you convince people how great you are? Keep reading!