5. Create your application

Finally! Time to apply.

Now that you have found the scholarships, it's time to apply.

  1. Think about deadlines

    Look at the list of scholarships you found in step 4: find scholarships. Start working on applications for the ones that you are best qualified for and that have the earliest deadlines. 

  2. Collect the pieces

    Collect the pieces of your application. Most scholarships will ask for similar application materials - for example, most will want transcripts. This is good news for you, because you can collect your transcripts once and then re-use them for many different scholarships. 

  3. Double check

    Double check your work and send it in! That one last review of everything before you turn it in can catch missing pieces or mistakes. 

Scholarship application break down

The pieces of your application:pieces of your application

A scholarship application can seem daunting, but if you work on it piece by piece, it is definitely doable.  Think of your scholarship application as a homework assignment: work on it a little bit every day and before you know it your application will be finished!

There is the application itself, which will be filled with easy questions, like your name, address and phone number. Then there will be additional pieces, which usually consist of:

  • essays: describe yourself and your goals
  • FAFSA: information about your income level
  • transcripts: your school records
  • letters: other people describe how great you are
  • other stuff: art, interviews, videos, etc.

When should I finish my application?

I would suggest you apply early because sometimes it is on a points system, and early applicants earn additional points for doing so. - Scholarship Winner 

Ideally you would want to have all of your materials gathered and essays complete by the time the scholarship application opens. This will give you plenty of time to edit your essays, finalize your materials, and make sure you have not missed any parts of the application. Of course being done that early isn't always possible. It's best to turn in your application at least three days before the deadline. This gives you several days to fix any mistakes, and to ensure that it was turned in correctly. Don't wait until the final hour.