Other stuff

There's more?!

Some scholarships require items that fall outside of the main items we have covered. Many of these items give you a chance to highlight talents, personality and creativity to scholarship committees.  Music recordings, artwork, videos and portfolio submissions are items that you might need for job opportunities down the road, so think of this part of your scholarship application as a jump start to your career. 

  • Interviews
  • Art, music, and video submissions
  • Portfolios


Some scholarships require an interview in order to meet you personally and get to know you better. Preparing for interviews can be very stressful, but preparation can make all the difference to your confidence and performance in the interview.   

Art, music, and video submissions

  • If you are submitting your artwork or music samples through electronic formats, contact the scholarship agency to confirm the type of file format they can accept.
  • Make sure your name is on the materials you turn in. 
  • Make sure that you submit your materials in a high-quality resolution.


A portfolio is a series of work compiled together.  You want to take special care with a portfolio for you don’t want items to get separated, damaged or misplaced.

  • If you turn in hard copies, make sure your name is on every piece of work
  • Cover any artwork to protect it from damage; this can either be a plastic folder, a clean envelope or a covered binding.
  • Create a cover letter which states your name, the scholarship you are applying for, what is included in the packet, and if you need copies back, a phone number and email to reach you to give the materials back.
  • Before you submit your only copy, ask the scholarship agency if they will give your work back, or if you need to submit a copy of the original.