Scholarship agencies may ask for academic transcripts in order to look at your previous school work and the grades you received. In this step, you want to make sure you are following directions because requirements can vary between scholarship agencies. 

Which transcripts do you need? 

There are two things you want to pay attention to when submitting transcripts - how much academic history they want to see, and if they want official or unofficial copies of your transcripts.

High school, transfer, or current?

Scholarship agencies will ask you to turn in academic transcripts from either your current or previous schools. Read the description carefully - they will tell you exactly which transcripts they want to see. Usually, they will want to see only your most recent transcripts, not ALL of your academic history.

 Don't turn in: 

  • Report cards
  • Grade reports
  • Degree audits
  • Registration reports
  • Academic evaluations
  • Transfer articulations 

Official or unofficial?

There are two types of transcripts - official and unofficial. The scholarship description will specify one or the other, so make sure to give them the right one. 

  • Official: Contact your previous school's student record office or order transcripts from the school's website.  Official transcripts will be sealed (don't open them). If possible, have your school send your transcripts directly to the scholarship agency. 
  • Unofficial: Unofficial transcripts can either be ordered from your previous school or you can print them from your school's website. Make sure the required information is on your unofficial transcripts:
    • Your name
    • The school name
    • Each course taken
    • Grades
    • Credit hours 

When should I do this?

If you are having official transcripts sent directly to the scholarship agency, request the transcripts from your school at least 7 to 10 business days before the scholarship application deadline. 

If the official transcripts are being sent directly to you, request the transcripts from your school at least two weeks before the scholarship application deadline.

For unofficial transcripts, you can generally print them from your school's website and include them with your application.