7. Get ready for next year

scholarship cycle... go back to the beginning and do it again next year

You're done! For now...

When you feel like quitting school, go for a walk, eat chocolate, get your head on straight again, crack open the books, and begin again. Apply for scholarships. Ask for help. Become involved at school. Have fun. Laugh. Learn. Meet new people. Be open to new ideas and thoughts. Most importantly: Never quit. An education is always, always worth it. You are worth it.

- Scholarship Donor 

Repeat the steps in the scholarship cycle every year that you are in school, using this website as a guide. When you graduate, you'll have significantly less debt, you'll have made important contacts, and you'll have a stronger support system. It has been shown that the more you apply for scholarships, the more you receive. 

Don't let this long journey frighten you - the first time you apply will be the most difficult. In subsequent years, you will already know what to do and you can reuse some of your scholarship application materials. 

Coming full circle

Someday, after you have graduated and are leading a successful career, you will remember the difference that scholarships made when you were a struggling student.  And someday, maybe you'd like to become a donor yourself and pay it forward for future students.